Real Estate LOCO

LOCO Real Estate is a specialist comprehensive real estate rental agency .

The services include the full package from the moment of first contact through to searching for the ideal apartment,

finalising the lease, helping to adapt and adjust the premises to the needs of the lessee, e.g. arranging Internet services or TV,

matters connected with registering at the municipal office, organising the transport of furniture, etc.

A database full of attractive apartments, respect of deadlines and meeting the high requirements of the clients lie at the foundations of LOCO Real Estate business activity. LOCO Real Estate offers perfect service, for which they are well known, which is confirmed by the ever expanding list of satisfied clients.

MyVinci Preschool - Multilingual Preschool:

Eko Park Residual Area, Biały Kamień Street 7, 02 - 593 Warsaw
(+48) 786-890-047

MyVinci Preschool - English Preschool:

Czerska Street 14, 00 - 732 Warsaw
(+48) 533-334-541

We're registered in the Warsaw Registry of Schools and Private Educational Facilities at No. 117/PPN and 177/PPN.