Yawara School of Martial Arts

Yawara School of Martial Arts is led by Wojtek Jeż, who is also teaching children martial arts incl. Judo in our kindergarten. Mr. Wojtek can perfectly encourage children to play and train, so that children learn correct form of movements and techniques used in martial arts. We encourage you to contact Mr. Wojtek, who developed programs for every age group, including self-defense program for adults.

MyVinci Preschool - Multilingual Preschool:

Eko Park Residual Area, Biały Kamień Street 7, 02 - 593 Warsaw
(+48) 786-890-047

MyVinci Preschool - English Preschool:

Czerska Street 14, 00 - 732 Warsaw
(+48) 533-334-541

We're registered in the Warsaw Registry of Schools and Private Educational Facilities at No. 117/PPN and 177/PPN.