MyVinci Programme - a unique solution matching the 21st century

The main goal of education at MyVinci is strengthening the natural capabilities of a child to gain knowledge, as well as to awaken curiosity and bravery to reach out for it. Thanks to this, children will be eager to learn and they will learn easier and more effectively in later education, which builds a solid ground for dealing with the challenges of the 21st century in their adult life.

MyVinci Preschool offers a unique educational programme for children aged from 3 to 5 and in the Pre-school class for kids aged 5 to 6 (classes mainly in English). The next step in their education is the MyVinci School- a primary school with a unique programme.


Basic principles of the MyVinci Programme

Multilingual - teaching many languages 

The knowledge of multiple languages is very important in the modern world. It opens a possibility for professional and personal development.  There's no better time to learn foreign languages than childhood. Young children intuitively absorb languages, without really putting effort into learning them. At MyVinci Preschool Biały Kamień children have contact with 4 languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Polish. We offer additional activities in German.
The MyVinci Preschool Czerska is truly a bilingual preschool. Most activities are in English, with additional activities in Polish and Spanish. We use the most effective "immersion" method - every day most of the classes are held in a foreign language by a native speaker.


Intelligence development on multiple levels

A child's' intelligence is wide-ranging and constantly evolving. Therefore at MyVinci Preschool we pay attention to a harmonious development of the multiple types of intelligence: verbal, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, musical, interpersonal and intra-personal.

Every day the plan incorporates a complex combination of knowledge from various fields: mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, literature, geography, culture and fine arts (music, painting, sculpture). This way we provide the children with a broad education and give them an opportunity to develop various interests: artistic and fitness-related.


Learning by playing - learning through experience and play

The MyVinci Programme is based on the concept learning-by-playing which focuses on transmitting knowledge to children through play. An appropriately chosen plan of activities keeps kids excited and looking forward to what will happen next. Thanks to an attractive form of presenting knowledge from various subjects children can easily acquire vast educational material.

Contact with arts - learning creativity and sensibility

Fine arts and music play an extremely important role in the MyVinci Preschool programme.

Adequately chosen music has a positive influence on the human brain, which has been confirmed by research done by Prof. Alfred Tomatis and numerous other scientists. By applying this knowledge we help children to learn, carefully selecting pieces of music for them - baroque music and pieces composed by Mozart. Our pupils have the possibility to play with musical instruments as well as to learn to play them.

Harmonious development - "a sound mind in a sound body"

The proper development of a child consists of a simultaneous and harmonious development of the intellect, psyche and body. At MyVinci, we understand that movement is the natural need of a young body and a sign of health. Therefore we make sure our kids have plenty of exercise every day. The body training improves the motor activity and the general fitness. It also plays a key role in the development of a child's  personality: it's a way to vent emotions, builds self-trust, the sense of strength and safety, teaches determination and consequences, dealing with challenges and failures, team work and joint responsibility.

Individual approach - respecting and developing a child's  personality

Each child is of real importance to us. One of the foundations of the MyVinci programme is an individual approach to every pupil. Thanks to a computerised system of supervision and assessment, every child has an individual profile of development, which is constantly evaluated by teachers. This enables us to offer an optimal path of development for every child.

It is difficult to get to know children well when working with a large group. Smaller groups give the foundation to create a well functioning group and enable the teacher to pay attention to each individual child. All activities are run by two teachers - a leader (native speaker) and an assistant teacher.

Accredited teaching system, a guarantee of the highest quality

British International Academy received accreditation from the Global Advanced Research Centre, the creator of the MyVinci programme. GARC carries out annual surveillance audits, as well as unexpected visits in order to check the execution of the programme. This is a guarantee of a high quality educational process.

If you have decided for your child to develop their great potential and to achieve results significantly exceeding those of their peers, fill out the contact form.

MyVinci Preschool - Multilingual Preschool:

Eko Park Residual Area, Biały Kamień Street 7, 02 - 593 Warsaw
(+48) 786-890-047

MyVinci Preschool - English Preschool:

Czerska Street 14, 00 - 732 Warsaw
(+48) 533-334-541

We're registered in the Warsaw Registry of Schools and Private Educational Facilities at No. 117/PPN and 177/PPN.