Legia Tennis School

LEGIA TENNIS SCHOOLS offers learning tennis to athletes under 10 years old that are organized in accordance with the Tenis 10 programme. Young children play with smaller rackets, with small nets and smaller court, so that learning to play tennis is easier and more interesting to them. This way even 3-year-olds can start learning to play tennis!

In cooperation with Legia Tennis Schools we organize at MyVinci additional tennis classes for children aged 3-5, whereas the pupils at MyVinci School learn at the Legia Tenis Schools Club.

MyVinci Preschool - Multilingual Preschool:

Eko Park Residual Area, Biały Kamień Street 7, 02 - 593 Warsaw
(+48) 786-890-047

MyVinci Preschool - English Preschool:

Czerska Street 14, 00 - 732 Warsaw
(+48) 533-334-541

We're registered in the Warsaw Registry of Schools and Private Educational Facilities at No. 117/PPN and 177/PPN.